Testing randomness is a pain, so don’t do it

TL;DR : stub out your random source to avoid sporadic failures

I wrote a spec that ensured that a given input was randomized.  It passed the vast majority of the time, but failed occasionally.  This bothered me greatly after a day of having it randomly pop up, so I spent some time trying to fix it.

I tried increasing the amount of input, thinking that the odds that a combination of 25 items would be the same are very slim; it would still fail sporadically, but not nearly so often.  I would get irritated less.

Of course, increasing the amount of input made no difference (other than maybe making the spec slower.)

Solution: stub out the random source to always return a given output.  Now I can get the test to fail or pass consistently, as I like.

And yes, this sort of a “well, duh.”

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