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Sequelize has less opaque errors

Good news:  sequelize no longer has opaque global leak errors when using mocha:  https://github.com/sequelize/sequelize/pull/1051

The errors are MUCH less opaque and much more relevant to the test failure when watching your tests fail.  For example, when you try to create a model with a column that does not exist in your schema:

Error: SQLITE_ERROR: table articles has no column named ‘new_column’

Which is much more useful than a notification that the library that you’re using is leaking globals.  Yay!


Simple file sharing (Deprecation, part 1)

Back in the day when I needed to share files, I would do:

sudo apt-get install thttpd && thttpd -p 8001 -D

This serves the current directory via http.  I would then send a link to someone using either my machine’s IP or (better) its mdns name.  It was a simple way to send large files to other people on the local network.  Once files were transferred, I closed the server.

I had need of it again yesterday, but was surprised to find that thttpd was no longer in Debian/Ubuntu.  I fell back to another alternative:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

But found it astoundingly slow even for the simple use case I had.  After looking around at alternatives, I ended up with:

sudo apt-get install cherokee && cherokee -p 8002 -r ./

Hopefully by writing this, I can remember it.